The race is on to develop affordable artificial intelligence (AI). With tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google leading the way, it’s exciting to see what will develop in the AI world. Coming from left field, a very cheap and tiny computer has landed itself in the middle of the AI revolution. It’s called the Raspberry Pi, and it’s a computer the size of a standard credit card. But don’t let its size fool you. Equipped with a ton of power, the Raspberry Pi is a formidable piece of tech that has already improved the way we can use AI. And earlier this year Google announced a partnership with Raspberry Pi to develop AI capabilities.


DIY AI with Google


Many DIY programmers and hobbyists are excited to try their hand at developing AI. Through its partnership with Google, Raspberry Pi puts cutting edge AI tools in the hands of expert and amateur developers. In May 2017, Google and Raspberry Pi announced distribution of DIY kits to build your own AI assistant. Google called the kits Google Artificial Intelligence Yourself (AIY) kits. The technology used Raspberry Pi and a “Voice HAT”(hardware accessory on top) tool from Google to allow DIY engineers develop their own tech. Also included in the kit were cables, microphone, and other necessary hardware to assemble the AI assistant. People who received AIY kits were encouraged to build their own AI bot. Of course, the data the bot collected was shared with Google to improve its natural language processing abilities. Google also uses AI in their search algorithm to determine how to rank keywords like SEO Austin or never before seen search queries. Be sure to check out this great SEO basics resource to learn more information if you’re unfamiliar with the subject.


Microsoft Wants a Piece of the Pi


After discovering that the Raspberry Pi was running too hot during AI tests, Microsoft swooped in to offer a solution. A 3D printed fan affixed to the Raspberry Pi lowers the heat and allows the Raspberry Pi to continue processing information. Since the Raspberry Pi has been outfitted to power through large amounts of data processing, Microsoft is taking a closer look at the mini computer to see how it can use the Pi’s technology.


How Raspberry Pi Could Change the Future of AI


AI is thought to be an expensive and complicated undertaking. The cost to implement the technology for business is assumed to be crippling. But the Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable computer. When put to the test, the $35 Raspberry Pi was easily transformed into a sophisticated AI device. This means that small and large companies can implement AI into their communications and logistics strategies in a cost efficient way. This is good news for the Raspberry Pi, but it may be bad news for current AI assistant retailers. Amazon and Google’s AI products are north of $100. The Raspberry Pi solution costs just 1/3 of competition’s price. However, the $35 Raspberry Pi collaboration required Google’s tech to make it work. So a super cheap AI assistant that you don’t have to build yourself may still be a little far in the future. The biggest news is that affordable AI is possible. We’ll have to see what the future of AI has in store.