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What is FishPi?

We are developing a Marine Unmanned Surface Vessel, which will ultimately be able to cross the Atlantic unaided, and take scientific measurements while doing so. The project has been called FishPi.

Why FishPi?

FishPi has been dreamt up in response to the Raspberry Pi. We wanted to do something that went outside of the normal bounds of conventional thinking, used the capabilities of the RPi, and that would ultimately pave the way to an educational program.

What will FishPi be used for?

FishPi is intended as an educational platform, a research station, or something to geek out to. Our plan is to develop & test an autonomous vehicle with the aim of producing part, or complete kits for professionals, students or enthusiasts.

What are the expected capabilities & functions of the FishPi?

Autonomous navigation, environmental measurements and observations, long-term operations, data-logging, and two-way communications via satellite.

What needs to be done?

For now, everything. But, development has started on a proof-of-concept vehicle (link). This first step will be used to test the RPi’s capabilities, check power requirements and demonstrate the concept of autonomous control with the Raspberry Pi.

What’s happening at the moment?

Update: This project is dead.

Well loads of ideas have been thrown around, several hardware components have been suggested and considerations accounted for. The build up at the moment is towards to proof-of-concept vehicle. Details on its development can be seen on the forum (link), and on the proof-of-concept section (link).

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