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The Concept.

Use the Raspberry Pi bare bones computer to guide & control an autonomous solar powered surface vehicle.

The Proof-Of-Concept.

To demonstrate that the RPi can support the multiple systems needed to maintain long-term autonomous operations on water.

The Vehicle.

The Proof-Of-Concept Vehicle (POCV) will be battery powered, and only run the bare essentials needed to navigate the craft on a small body of water, a lake for example. The RPi will be tasked with running the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) which in turn manages the electric motor, taking GPS positioning information and combining that with waypoint and route information to calculate the rudder commands to navigate the POCV to predetermined locations, and take photographs and or video during its test missions.

The Hardware List for the POCV.

The FishPi Wiki (link) has a section devoted to the Proof-Of-Concept Vehicle. It contains information on the Hardware being used in the POCV, details about the Base-Station, and in-depth explanations of the POCV’s systems.

An RSS Feed direct from the POCV Build Blog section on the forum.

Can I Help?

Of course, come say hello on the forum @ fishpi.org/forum, or send us your love on twitter @TheFishPi.

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